Woodlawn Bio Reactor filter / coalescer working way beyond its design – protecting Jenbacher combustion engines

The Original Design called for a filter to treat one in line mine gasvent and one bio production well. Today there are now, over 100 Bio gas wells. There has been more combustion engines added, in fact on last count five, each of which Creating power back into the grid from waste gas.The System has worked effortlessly with a change of element once a year. Class 150.

Its Other features can include:

  • Pressure relief port
  • Cleanable 3 micron absolute elements
  • Large surface area borosilicate glass media-composites
  • Super Low Pressure Drop
  • Pressure differential ports
  • Liquid level monitoring ports
  • Optional hinged covers
  • Optional quick release access cover
  • Inspection ports
  • Drainage ports
  • Lifting eyes
  • Approval to AS1210
  • ASME VIII Design
  • Q Registration

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