Tamar valley Power Station takes delivery of a 2 stage separator colaescer

Recent Deveopments

Rolls Royce Turbine similar to that used on the A380 are are a highly speced up unit which is fed raw gas directly from the mains which come off Bass strait , A filter/ coalescer was design & developed for this application. A patented 2 stage liquid /gas separation system with an extra large slug catcher. The System has worked effortlessly with a change of element once a year. Class 900 Note the photo is similar but not the actual unit.

Its Other features can include:

  • pressure relief port
  • Cleanable 3 micron absolute elements
  • Large surface area borosilicate glass media-composites
  • Super Low Pressure Drop
  • Pressure differential ports
  • Liquid level monitoring ports
  • Optional hinged covers
  • Optional quick release access cover
  • Inspection ports
  • Drainage ports
  • Lifting eyes
  • Approval to AS1210
  • ASME VIII Design
  • Q Registration

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