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The Elite Mag Bag

Only the MAG BAG has a multi polarity design to attact microscopic ferrous impurities along the entire length of the 12" or 24" magnetic bars.

Through field testing in automotive assembly and manufacturing plans the

ABSOLUTE MAG BAG has proven superior in dirt and ferrous metal removal

to the "dirt bag" in every instance. The dirt bag that we refer to is a liquid bag

that doesn't have pockets and magnets, therefore it can only collect dirt.

The benefit of the MAG BAG are not confined to the immediate area where

they are being used. The benefits are felt throughout the painting process in

use and beyond. Weld balls and metal contaminate are found not only in the

wash stages of the phosphate system but also in the Elpo bath and rinses.

They then show up on the jobs after the elpo oven as dirt in paint.

The weld balls that show up aller the Elpo oven as dirt in paint, must then be

sanded out to improve the surface quality. The sanding operation creates the

potential for dirt in paint. The problems associated with weld balls in the Elpo

can be reduced, if not eliminated by the proper use of Mag Bags.

Once the contaminate is trapped in the MAG BAGS in concentrated form

it is easy to dispose of. Washing MAG BAGS is not recommended because

the, metal contaminate promotes lhe growth of anaerobic bacleria, that is

potentially harmful to workers.

The MAG BAG is different from an ordinary "dirt bag" with a magnet placed

in the bag, because the pockets provide a surlace that the weld balls and

metal contaminate can actually dig into and supply more surface area for

the trapping and holding of ferrous metal fines. The bags are constructed

with three pockets sewn into the inside walls to house the encapsulated

stainless steel magnetic assembly. The reason that the magnetic assemblies

are used is to increase the sphere of influence in the bag to capture the

maximum amounl of ferrous contaminate.


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