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The Eliminator® Series 72 /72 T/793

The Eliminators®, motorized, automatic, self- cleaning strainers by Absolute Filters, provide continuous debris removal from fluid piping systems that demand full time uninterrupted flow.


The Eliminators® are particularly effective in fluid applications where unattended service, high solids loading and/or uninterrupted flow requirements deem a basket strainer and its attendant maintenance problems impractical.


Any of the 700 Series Strainers, applied correctly, will prove efficient and cost effective compared to simplex/duplex strainers or other automatic straining systems.

  • Patented rugged screen and mechanical assist backwash mechanism extends useful service life.
  • Unique clog-resistant straining element reduces maintenance downtime.
  • Unique adjustable accelerator plate aids cleaning in difficult applications.
  • All internal replacement parts supplied incorrosion resistant material.
  • Efficient proven design reduces maintenance requirements; requires fewer parts.
  • Flats for manual operation in case ofpower failure.
  • Low rpm backwash mechanism provides more efficient cleaning, less wear of internals.
  • The Eliminator’s® patented unique strainer element design permits installation in virtually any piping system operating at a positive pressure.


  • The Eliminators® can operate through a wide range of operating pressures (5 psig minimum) and solids loading with effective debris removal and backwashing across the entire pressure range. Additionally, only one drain/backwash connection is required for installation effectively eliminating the expense of a separate backwash pressure connection.



  • Strainers are used to protect equipment such as valves, pumps, meters, heat exchangers, or spray nozzles, as well as in feed water and

    process water applications or virtually any similar application.


  • The Eliminator® 700 Series Automatic Self- Cleaning Strainers are fabricated in pipe sizes ranging from 1” to 48” to suit most application requirements.


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