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Coalescer Element - Liquid Gas

The AF LG Coalescer Liquid-Gas Coalescing elements are designed to coalesce

and remove aerosols from air or gas streams. LG Coalescers remove small droplets and contaminants typically found in hydrocarbons and industrial gases.


  •  Removal of Dispersed Liquids from Fuel Gases and Natural Gas
  •  Protection of Compressors, Equipment, and Catalysts

Performance Micron Rating: 3µm

Removal Efficiency: up to 99%

Maximum Temperature: 200º F

Initial Pressure Drop: 2-3 psid

Recommended Change out: 10 psid

Inlet water concentration:

up to 1% water (10,000 ppm) Length:

36 inches, nominal. Outside diameter:

4.5 inches Inside diameter:

3.25 inches Core: Aluminum End caps:

Aluminum End Caps Double Open End Coalescing Media:

Phenolic Resin Impregnated Microfiberglass Tube


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