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Ultra Violet Steriliser

The ultraviolet germicidal system has become an exceptionally popular water disinfection alternative. Modern technology is incorporated to create the most natural purification. Ultraviolet lamps produce germicidal short wave radiation, which eradicates bacteria, viruses and other kinds of microbiological contamination present in all water supplies.


• Ultraviolet water sterilisers incorporate natural ultraviolet light, which allows the highest UV output and automatically eradicates all microorganisms.

• Only UV light is used to treat the water, no dangerous chemicals, no danger of overdosing, no bad taste, odour or corrosion, continuous disinfection, high output and low power consumption.

• Easy to install, low maintenance. Processed water is ready for use. Can be installed alone or connected with other filtration or RO systems.


• Visual indicator and alarm for lamp failure.

• 30000mic. Watt/sec/cm2 at energy of 253.7nm wavelength.

• Low power consumption.

• Vertical or horizontal installation.

• Unique diagonal inlet/outlet provides spiral current to prolong lighting duration and enhance sterilising effect.

• Effectively protects quartz sleeve from the damage or water hammer

• Both ports can be inlet or outlet.


• Heavy duty 304 or 316 stainless steel pressure vessel

• Heavy duty UV lamps and quartz sleeves using highest grade “hard glass” pure fused quartz to allow highest output.

• Ceramic end cap of UV lamp


• 9000 hours (1 year) lamp life

• Working Pressure 100PSI

• 120VAC or 240VAC


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