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Solvent Coalescer

AF’s high performance nylon media Solvent Coalescer is designed to remove water from hydrocarbon based solvents and solvents from water. Often, common coalescing elements are not compatible with many solvents. AF’s proprietary nylon coalescing media is designed specifically for aromatics, ketones, and other solvents.


  •  Removal Of Carried-Over Water In Solvent Production
  •  Final Products Polishing
  •  Protection Of Catalysts
  •  Protection Of Heat Exchangers And Other Equipment



Absolute Micron Rating: 3µm absolute Nominal Micron Rating: 0.8µm nominal Water Removal Efficiency: 99% to 99.99%

100% removal of solids and liquids larger than 3µm Removes water down to 10 ppm, depending on application


Maximum Temperature: 200°F

Initial Pressure Drop: 2 psid

Recommended Changeout: 12-15 psid

Inlet water concentration:

up to 3% water (30,000 ppm) Length:

“TB” Series: 56 inches. “LC” Series: 40 inches.

Outside diameter: 6 inches


“TB” Series Solvent Coalescer


Core: “LC” Series Solvent Coalescer

Carbon Steel End caps:

“TB” Series Solvent Coalescer: Nylon 66 “threaded base” Single Open End configuration

“LC” Series Solvent Coalescer: Stainless Steel Single Open End Media:

High Performance Pleated Nylon 66 media


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