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Single Filter Multi Basket Model OV

Sizes 200mm (8”) - 250mm (10”)

The  Single Filter Multi-basket design is compact and easily maintained, with basket removal easier than other units with similar pipe size connections.


The filter is of cast construction and is supplied with four or five high quality stainless steel cylindrical baskets depending upon filter size. The filter is for use in liquid handling installations where the flow can be shut off for a short period to allow the baskets to be cleaned.


  • High quality stainless steel basket with large filtration areas resulting in low pressure drops.
  • Compact design for space saving. Working pressures up to 13.8 bar.
  • Quick release filter covers and knobs for easy basket removal.



  • Range of extras allowing filter to be customised.
  • Available in cast iron, cast steel, bronze or stainless steel as standard.
  • Differential pressure indicators are available.






The chart is for water flowing through a filter without an element. Use the following correction factors for the chosen filtration rating and for liquids of higher viscosity.


A single basket OV filter is required to protect pipeline equipment to a level of 200 microns. The media is water at 20°C, at a pressure of 4 bar g and having a flowrate of 600 litres/min.

A clean basket pressure drop of no more than 34 Kpa is acceptable.


  1. Check temperature/pressure rating of filter and suitability for
    application, i.e. 20°C temperature at 4 bar g:
    Standard Cast lron Filter suitable
  2. Selection of Mesh: protection to 200 microns or less would
    require an 80 mesh basket (At 190 microns, see Standard
    Basket Data on page 11.)
  3. Mark flowrate of 600 litres/min on chart 1 to intersect
    diagonal “filter selection line” and read vertically to obtain
    pressure drop in Kpa
    600 litres/min intersects 65mm (21/2//) filter and will
    have a pressure drop of 28 Kpa.
  4. Apply correction factor for 80 mesh basket:
    Pressure drop = 28 Kpa x 1.1 (see table opposite) = 30.8 Kpa
    (This falls within acceptable pressure drop of 34 Kpa)
  5. Selection for application would be 65mm (21/2//) cast iron
    OV filter with an 80 mesh lined basket.


Either - multiply the pressure drop for water shown in the chart by the following correction factors to obtain the actual pressure drop. (Water has a viscosity of 1 centistoke at 20°C)

Or - divide the acceptable pressure drop by the necessary correction factor in the table below and then use the chart to determine the filter size and flow rate.






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