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Self Cleaning Filter High Pressure Range Models: 200HP, 300HP, 400HP, 600HP. Sizes 40mm (11/2”) - 30

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Absolute Filters higher pressure range of self-cleaning filters have been used successfully on many difficult liquids handling installations throughout the world.

  • Simple efficient cleaning process which minimises disruption to flow
  • Minimal amount of liquid loss during cleaning process
  • Suitable for practically all liquids including those of high viscosity
  • Filtration levels down to 50 micron lntegral cast construction
  • Maximum working pressure 35 bar at 100°C
  • Maximum working temperature 250°C (dependent on seal material)
  • Available in cast iron, SG iron, cast steel, stainless steel or gun metal
  • High quality 316 stainless steel wound wedge wire or perforated element
  • Range of automated control devices available

  • Heating jackets

    Note 1: Working pressure is stated at 100°C. To verify suitability of this equipment above this temperature or below 0°C, please contact our help desk.

    Note 2: Whilst alternative seal materials e.g. EP, PTFE are available and can be used to offer a wide range of chemical compatibility and working temperatures up to 250°C, it is recommended that such applications are again discussed with our help desk.


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