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SCF- Self Cleaning Filter Model S1

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Model S1 - High Pressure Range (Sizes 50mm (2”) – 250mm (10”)

Self-cleaning filters are designed specifically to provide efficient filtration for liquids, including those of high viscosity, requiring continuous filtration without interruption to the flow during the cleaning process. There is no operator contact with the process fluid. High quality stainless steel elements are highly effective in removing contaminant particles as small as 25 micron (µm).


In operation the liquid enters the body and flows through the element from outside to inside. Debris is collected on the outside of the wedge wire or perforated element, which is cleaned without flow interruption by the rotation of elements against fixed scraper blades. The debris accumulated during rotation is deposited into the bottom of the filter body from where it is periodically discharged, either manually or automatically.


The filter is available for either manual or fully automatic electric or pneumatic operation. The range of optional control devices make it particularly suitable for continuous processes and for service with high contamination levels.

Maintaining Process Fluid Quality

Maintaining the product quality by the use of a self cleaning filter, helps to reduce downtime, increase productivity and contain/reclaim unwanted debris to comply with company and environmental legislation

Common industries where product quality is essential:

  • Water treatment
  • Food and beverage
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Paints, inks and varnishes, etc.
  • Simple efficient cleaning process which minimises disruption to flow
  • Minimal amount of liquid loss during cleaning process
  • Suitable for practically all liquids including those of high viscosity
  • Filtration levels down to 25 micron
  • lntegral cast construction
  • Maximum working pressure 35 bar at 50°C
  • Maximum working temperature 260°C (Subject to seal material)
  • Available in cast iron, cast steel or stainless steel.
  • High quality 316 stainless steel wound wedge wire or perforated element



The automated self-cleaning filters allows for stand alone, low maintenance processing of liquids. The range can be automated, either electronically or pneumatically, from 32 mm (1.25") and above. The level of automation can be selected from manual cleaning and valve operation to fully automated filters which can be supplied wired and fully tested, requiring only on site connection to the power source and dump valve connection.




Element Design


The wedge wire element is used in 90% of applications and is likely to remain the most commonly used element in the self cleaning filter. However, for certain critical filtration applications a perforated element has been introduced.
The perforated element will prevent 'platelet' shaped debris passing through the element 'letter box' fashion and will make the passage of fibrous debris practically impossible.


  • Range of automated control devices available
  • Heating jackets


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