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Paper Band Filter

Fully Automatic

    1. Micron Filtration

      • Flow rates from 40 to 850 litres/min
      • Various grades of filter media
      • Integral coolant pump option
      • Gravity feed from as little as 400mm from floor level

      • For the separation of particles from all types of liquids.
      • Machines such as grinding machines, washing machines, lathes, rotary and inline transfer machines, honing machines, tube drawing machines, process waters and all types of solids- liquid separation.

        Basic filter unit with coolant return tank underneath

      • Water treatment and effluent control, etc.

      • Low Running Costs The power required is minimal, as the filter only operates when the filter medium is contaminated, so only operates a few times a day. Rolls of filter paper may last many months and are competitively priced.

      • Easy to Install The unit is free-standing and only needs gravity inlet connection, return pipework to the machine (flexible or rigid pipe) and a mains electrical connection. In all, three to four hours work.

      • Liquid Life Coolant life is greatly extended with reduced top- up. Bacterial growth is inhibited by the efficient removal of contamination.

      • Labour Saving

The roll of filter paper and collection bin only require occasional attention.

The coolant enters the filter via a flow dispenser and falls directly onto the filter media bed, which is retained in a pool state by an endless steel mesh belt. The coolant passes through the media which retains the solids and flows directly into the clean tank where it can be pumped back to the machine head. When the media is contaminated, the liquid level rises raising with it a ball float, which in turn actuates a switch and causes the endless belt to move forward via a reduction geared unit. The contaminated filter media is discharged into a waste bin. Whilst the belt is moving forward, the clean media is brought on, thus allowing the coolant to pass freely and the float to fall.


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