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Nitrogen Generation Systems

Remove 98+% of 0.01 micron particles and 100% of all visible particles

Remove liquid condensate at the same efficiency as for solid particles

Remove essentially all nonvolatile boiler feedwater additives

Comply with USFDA, USDA, Health Pro- tection Branch of Health and Welfare Canada, and 3-A accepted practices

Stop carryover of boiler feedwater chemi- cals

Absolute Filters- Steam Filters

Absolute's Series SR Filters are in full compliance with the requirements of the US Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.

They also meet the regulations for Indirect Food Addi- tives used as Basic Components for Repeated Use Food Contact Surfaces as specified in 21 CFR Part 177, and Current Good Manufacturing Practices, 21 CFR Part 110. These filters have been accepted by the USDA for use in federally inspected meat and poultry

plants. Absolutes Steam Filters are in full compliance with the 3A Accepted Practices (Number 609-00) for produc- ing steam of culinary quality. They are also in full compliance with the requirements of the Health Protec- tion Branch of Health and Welfare Canada.


Absolutes Steam Filters eliminate particulate contamina- tion of food products caused by direct contact with dirty steam. Other benefits include: reduction in steam condensate mixing with food products when steam is used for agitating, mixing, or cooking; eliminate taste and odor problems by reducing boiler feedwater carryover; Reduced maintenance requirements.


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