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Municipal / Industrial Vacuum DE Filtration systems

Corrosion- proof construction... no refinishing, protective liners, or paint maintenance required for life of the filter.

Fabricated from vinylester throughout, the filter is impervious to the destructive forces of water and water treatment chemicals.

    • Visible, Economical Operation... open tank construction allows visual check of the entire operation ...precoating, feeding of the filter aid, and the actual filter operation. Vacuum principle cuts operating cost... horsepower requirements generally lower than for comparable size pressure diatomite filtration.
    • Compact Convenient Design...effective vacuum principal, flat-leaf element design, and filter aid (diatomaceous earth) combination assures sparkling clean, highly polished water at lower cost! water is saved during cleaning... long, wasteful backwashing cycles are eliminated... dirty filter cake breaks away easily from the smooth surface of the plastic elements. Open tank design simplifies cleaning... hosedown, mechanical or chemical.
    • High Quality Water...continuous filtration through non- corrosive diatomaceous earth filter provides a constant supply of highly "polished" water for your water system or process. Depending on the type of turbidity, and the grade of diatomaceous earth filter aid chosen, particles as small as 0.1 micron can be removed.
    • Large Selection of Sizes...standard units from 10 to 1290 square feet of filter area in a single tank.. and large sizes are available.General Specifications:

  • This section describes the filter(s) required to remove the turbidity from the water of the (water plant or process name). The filter(s) will be located as shown in the plans so that the water (flows by gravity) (is pumped) to the filter influent manifold. The plant shall have a maximum capacity of (MGD)(gallons) when operating hours per day. (The)(each) filter(s) shall be furnished as herein described.


  • The raw or process water shall be drawn through the filter and pumped into the system by the filter pump. Piping shall be so arranged that the water can be recirculated via a by-passline for the purpose of precoating the elements prior to the actual filtration process.
  • Precoating shall be accomplished by introducing the suitable amount of diatomaceous earth powder into the filter tank and recirculating the mixture until the filter elements are uniformly coated and the water in the tank becomes clear. Water from the discharge side of the filter pump shall then be directed through the main effluent pipes and ( into the finished water clearwell, returned to the process.)
  • As the filter run progresses and the suspended solids are removed, the differential across the cake will gradually increase until it reaches 15 inches of mercury. At this time the filter pump shall be manually shut down and the filter shall be washed. The drain valve shall be opened and with the use of a (high pressure hoses)(electrically operated wash device) The spent diatomite filter cake shall be flushed from the elements and the filter bottom.

At the beginning of a filter run the filter elements are precolated with a smooth, even coating of diatomite filter aid. A porous filtering surface is maintained during operation by feeding additional filter aid(called body feed) at a continuous, controlled rate. As the water passes through the filter aid, all suspended turbidity and certain types of algae, bacteria, and other micro organisms are removed. Sterilization and pH control chemicals can be added after filtration if required.

Referring to the drawing, entering raw or process water is either pumped or flows by gravity through the level control valve and into the filter tank, the waters velocity is reduced by a specially shaped baffle which distributes the flow evenly to all of the elements. The water is then drawn through the diatomite filter aid, filter elements and collecting manifold by the filter pump.

The filtered water is then pumped through the rate of flow control valve, the rate of flow indicator and the filtered water effluent piping into the system's clearwell or back into the process.


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