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Model 6 Basket Strainer and Bag Filters

Model 6 Basket Strainer and Bag Filters

Strainers or Bag Filters: Your Choice!


Model 6 strainer/filter housings are made in 3 sizes and 3 pressure ratings, and can serve as basket strainers (for particle retention down to 74 micron size) or as bag filters (for particle retention down to 1 micron size). In all cases, covers are easily removed without special tools, and the basket or bag is easily cleaned or replaced



  • Low pressure drops
  • Permanently piped housings
  • Covers are O-ring sealed
  • Carbon steel, or stainless steel (304 or 316) construction for housings
  • All housings are electropolished to resist adhesion of dirt and scale
  • Easy to clean!
  • Adjustable-height legs, standard
  • O-ring seals: Buna N, EPR, Viton®, Teflon®
  • ASME code stamp available
  • Three pressure ratings: 150, 210 or 300 psi
  • Duplex units are available
  • Can provide 3.4 square feet of basket or bag surface area without need for ASME code construction
  • Three basket depths: 12, 18, or 30 inches (nominal)
  • Special alloys


  • Sanitary construction
  • Different outlet connections
  • Higher pressure ratings
  • Extra-length legs
  • Heat jacketing
  • Liquid displacers for easier servicing



Choosing a Basket Strainer or Bag Filter

Choose between straining (removing particles down to 74 micron size) or filtering a fluid (removing particles down to 1micron). This will direct you to the correct basket  



Unfiltered liquid enters the housing above the bag or basket and passes down through them. Solids are contained inside the bag or basket, where they are easily and completely removed when the unit is serviced. Fluid bypass around the basket is prevented because the outside diameter of the bag filter seals against the housing inside diameter.  

A single cover gasket is used to seal the opening, and covers can be installed and removed without tools.


Pressure Drop Data

Basket strainers and bag filters are usually selected so that the pressure drop does not exceed 2 psi, when they are clean. Higher pressure drops may be tolerated, when contaminant loading is low. Bag change should occur at 15psid. The pressure drop data is accurate for all housings with strainer or bag filter baskets. When bag filters are added, total pressure drop becomes the sum of the pressure drop as determined by the steps below, plus the pressure drop through the bag as defined in Absolute Filter Bag section.


Follow these easy steps:

  1. Using the desired pipe size and approximate flow rate, determine the basic pressure drop from the appropriate graph.
  2. Multiply the pressure drop obtained in step 1 by the viscosity correction factor found in the accompanying table. This is the adjusted (clean) pressure drop for all baskets, without bag filters.
  3. Add the pressure drop for the bag filter. Note: Filter bags are specified separately. 







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