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Methane LG Coalescer Element

The AF nylon 66 media Methane Gas Coalescing elements are designed to coalesce and remove aerosols from methane gas streams. They provide removal of small droplets and contaminants typically found in produced methane and in bio-gas systems. AF’s proprietary nylon 66 coalescing media has superior chemical compatibility for methane compared to materials used in most coalescing elements.



  •  Removal of Dispersed Liquids from Methane Gas


Methane LG Coalescer

  •  Produced Gas
  •  Final Products
  •  Protection of Equipment and Catalysts



  • Micron Rating: 0.3µm
  • Removal Efficiency: up to 99.9%

Maximum Temperature:

240º F Metal Components, 165º F Polypropylene Initial Pressure Drop:

2 psid

Recommended Change out: 15 psid

Inlet water concentration:

up to 3% water (30,000 ppm) Length:

29.25 inches, nominal. Outside diameter:

2.70 inches Inside diameter: 1 inch


Aluminum or Polypropylene End caps:

Carbon Steel or Aluminum End Caps Double Open End Polypropylene Single Open End with “226” O-rings Coalescing Media:

Pleated Nylon 66 media


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