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MS100 Moisture Sensor


  • Pulp and Paper Plants
  • Marine Hydraulics
  • Power Transmission & Distribution
  • Oil Reclamation

Absolute Filters' s NEW MS100 Moisture Sensor offers fast, reliable accurate in-line detection of moisture in fluids. The MS100 transducer type technology has been especially designed for the preventative maintenance programme environment in mind.

The industry accepted sensing cell device will monitor and report Relative Humidity (RH), moisture content in oils. The water content measurement technique offers the user benefits over the current standard form of water content reporting (PPM).

The MS100 will provide the user with reliable data on the rate of water take up, as the absorbs water. The device can report % RH water content as increases are detected gi the user information on how close to the fluids real saturation point has been reached.

This allows for real time preventative maintenance to be undertaken and corrective ac made. By knowing that the water contamination is still within the oils absorbing range, 100%, reclaiming fluid properties before additive damage occurs can initiate calculable cost savings.

Unrivalled pressure rating: Up to 420 Bar (6,000 PSI).

Results are reported as a “% saturation” (%RH) of water in the oil.

Green and Red LED’s for local performance operation.

Red LED illuminates at selectable % saturation points (end user adjustable*).

Optional panel meter/bar graph indicator also available for easy and remote identification.

Easy installation into an actual oil flowstream.

Temperature compensated for detection cell thermal stability.

Various thread options available.

Easier, more accessible cable connection.

Interpreting the data

Oil type: Texaco Rando 46

Saturation point: 400ppm @ 65ºC (150ºF)

At the above operating condition, the meter displays 100% saturation. As the meter’s scale indicates a reduction in the

saturation percentage, there is also a corresponding reduction in PPM at a constant temperature. In the example above, a

meter reading of 50% saturation could be interpreted as 200ppm at 65º (150ºF)


*Using only the sensor as a go/no-go device, a Red LED will indicate when the oil’s water concentration reaches 80% saturation

and trigger a corresponding voltage output. The unit also features an analogue output proportional to % Saturation with a

dynamic range of 0.85 to 4.05 volts.


0.85V = 0% Saturation

2.45V = 50% Saturation

4.05V = 100% Saturation

4.06V to 4.3V = Emulsified water condition

>4.3V = Over

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