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MG Depthflo 20

High Performance Pleated Cartridges Designed for High Flow Rate Applications

Features and Benefits:

HF Depthflo Configuration

  •  Proprietary Design Maximized for High Flow
  •  Fewer Element Change-outs D Lower Maintenance Costs D Lower Disposal Costs
  •  Smaller Filter Vessels 20µm Rated Depthflo Media D Dual-phase Media
  • 65µm Prefilter Layer
  • 20µm Final Filtration Layer
  •  99.98% at 20µm, β(20)=5000
  • Pleated Cartridge
  •  67 ft2 Effective Filtration Area, nominal
  • Applications:
  •  Amines, Glycol, Chemicals
  •  Reverse Osmosis Pre-filtration
  •  Coolant Water and Process Water
  •  Salt Water Injection/Produced Water

Tailored Product Options Available: AF’s products are tailored for your application, including:

  •  HF Duraflo 20 for liquids with hard particles but without gels and deformable particles
  •  HV Depthflo 20 for Higher Viscosities
  •  10µm media also available in Polyester, Microfiberglass, and Nylon 6,6

Tailored Features Selected:

  •  Buna O-Ring
  •  Soft Nylon Outerwrap

Microfiberglass Media Features:

  •  High Performance Microfiberglass Media
  •  Proprietary “Triple-Phase” Filter Media
  •  Fine Fibers Provide Maximum Dirt Holding, High Flow Rates, And Particle Removal Cut Off
  •  Heavy, Dual Drainage Layers Prevent Fiber Migration And Assure Even Flow Distribution
  •  High Efficiency
  •  Long Life
  •  Superior Dirt Holding

Length: 40 inches

  •  Outside Diameter: 6 inches


Maximum Differential Pressure:

  •  68°F 35 psid, 120°F 26 psid

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