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Liquid Centrifugal Processing

CINC's proven, patented technology, coupled with our dedication to liquid processing, leads to our success in a broad range of applications worldwide. Constant research and development by CINC is combined with customer feedback to continually improve and advance our annular centrifugal contactors. Our design team develops the most dynamic, cost-effective, and reliable liquid-liquid centrifuges available. Ongoing efforts to improve existing designs and exciting new developments like our cGMP line demonstrates CINC's commitment to remain on the cutting edge of centrifuge technology.

Environmental Industry

  •  Oil-spill cleanup
  •  Groundwater remediation
  •  Wash water recycling
  •  Bilge water treatment
  •  Industrial laundry water de-oiling

Petroleum Industry

  •  Acid-flowback
  •  Well completion fluid recovery
  •  Produced water processing
  •  Oil-dehydration
  •  Land and offshore
  •  FPSO & fixed platform installations

Mining & Metals Recovery Industry

  •  Solvent extraction of various metals
  •  Solvent recovery and recycle
  •  Wastewater separations


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