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Gas Filtration & Separation


Coalescing is the process where liquid aerosols in a compressed gas/air system are forced to join together into large droplets. These combined droplets then can be drained away by gravity.

Standard “Old Style” Coalescing

The “Old Style” coalescing elements by design have the compressed gas/air flowing from inside the element to the outside. This has been the design since the inception of coalescing filtration.

New Flow Technology AF

Filtration has now developed and patented the “NEW FLOW TECHNOLOGY” where the gas/air flows from the “OUTSIDE TO INSIDE” of the element. This allows a pleated element design to be utilized.

Pleated Element Design

Our pleated design has a larger surface area which allows for more contaminant holding capacity, a longer working life, fewer change outs, and less downtime. The surface area of a GFC element may have up to 20 times greater holding capacity than similar dimensioned “Old Style” elements.

Reduced Vessel Quantity

Coalescing systems utilizing “Old Style” technology require Knock Out Pots and Vane separators to be incorporated where high liquid loadings are present. If this liquid is not removed the “Old Style” elements become saturated and ineffective. The flow path of the GFC Coalescing filter, allows large quantities of water to fall out of the gas/air and settle into the sump prior to contacting the GFC element, eliminating the need for Knock Out Pots and Vane separators.

Particulate Filtration Included

The GFC Element is construct of several layers of filtration, including a substrate layers which functions as a particulate filtration.

Cleanable Coalescing Elements

The GFC Element is constructed of materials that may be ultrasonically cleaned to extend the working life and the value of the element.


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