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Electromagnetic metering pumps

Conventional electromagnetic metering pumps generally suffer from low resistance

to exposure of external liquids. With improved sealing of not only the control

unit but also the pump unit, a remarkable improvement to this exposure has

been achieved in the EW series. With its tough construction and high tolerance

to external liquids, the EW series can be widely used in applications ranging

from incorporation into various devices to utilization as standard equipment in

water treatment facilities.

Waterproof structure (IP65)

With the aim of improving resistance

to exposure to liquid, the controller

unit is installed on the back of the

pump and membrane switches have

been adopted for the control panel

protected with a cover as standard

equipment. A rubber gasket is provided

between the pump head and

the bracket to prevent water from

entering from the periphery of the

pump head.

High resolution

For discharge flow adjustment, a dual

control system which controls the

length of stroke and the number of

strokes employed. Since stroke by

stroke adjustment is possible, the discharge

rate can be controlled in a

wide range from a minimal flow rate to

its maximum discharge.

Multifunctional controller

The controller includes a CPU and is

equipped with double-level stop function

and external control function.

The display for the number of strokes

utilizes a high temperature type LCD

which provides extra resistance to the

direct rays of the sun.

High compression ratio

The compression rate is raised by

reducing the dead volume of the

pump head and increasing the length

of stroke, aiming at higher self-priming

capability and more effective



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