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Duplex Strainers Large D Type 6

Large D Type Duplex strainers 6"-20"

´┐╝The (model 120) 10" - 20" N.B Duplex strainer can be used for both oil and water services.

They are available from stock in cast iron or cast steel to meet working pressure rating requirements up to 350 psig and working temperatures up to 204 Deg C (400 Deg F).

Two disc valves operated by screwed shafts provide a positive method for changeover from one chamber to the other without a shutdown in flow. The valves are sleeved and totally protected from the liquid. They operate simultaneously so that while one is being opened the other automatically closes. Valve shafts are equipped with an indicator showing which chamber is on stream. Pressure equalizing valves are provided as standard throughout the range.

Standard features

  • Hand operated.
  • No tools required for service.
  • Strainer change can be made without interrupting flow.
  • Multiple baskets in large sizes.
  • Differential pressure connections.

Optional equipment

  • Actuated electrical operation of the valves can be provided either on the actuator or remotely. 
  • Differential pressure gauges or switches. 
  • Replaceable mesh inserts for fine filtration 20 through to 300 mesh.

Working pressure: Cast iron ANSI 125FF-150 psig

Cast steel ANSI 150/300 RF-300 psig

Hydro-static pressure tested @ 1.5 times working pressure

Working temperature: Cast iron 121 Deg C; Cast steel 204 Deg C


Body & covers - Cast iron BS1452 GR220 / Cast steel ASTM A216 WCB

Strainer basket & mesh inserts - Stainless steel 316L (2mm perf as STD)

Shafts - Stainless steel 316
Disc valves & valve seats - Bronze BS 1400 LG2 (SS 316 Optional)



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