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Convertible Filter Housing

Different industrial applications can have different requirements in terms of equipment and filter media. That’s why we came up with our unique X100 Convertible Filter Housing. The strong, lightweight and economical filter vessel is resistant to a wide range of chemicals, and converts easily from filter bag usage to
cartridge filters. It allows the user to choose the filter media and construction to precisely fit their particular needs.


The X100 is made fro m lig h tweigh t polypro- pyle ne, wit h a UV inh ibitor for all-weat her durability. The specially designed t hrea ded lid allows for seali ng an d u nseali ng wit h out t he need for ot her too ls. 






  • The vessel’s 100% polyproylene construction is lightweight and is highly resistant
    to a wide range of chemicals.
  • The “clean wall” design of the X100 is designed to provide easy access, allowing manual cleaning or in-place flushing.
  • The versatile X100 is easily convertible between bag filters and cartridge filters depending on filtration requirements.
  • The positive sealing of both bag and cartridge filters means no fluid by-pass will occur.
  • The Differential Pressure Gauge provides an option for visually identifying proper filter element changeout.
  • The Gauge mounts directly to the vessel’s appropriate mounting pad, and provides indication for either of two different pressure drop ranges: 6-8 PSID or 15-20 PSID.
  • Before use, please refer to published reference materials for chemical compatibility.

Model X100B Plastic Bag Vessel, includes housing, lid, basket and lid gasket (BUNA)

Model X100C Plastic Cartridge Vessel, includes housing, lid, cartridge plate, lid gasket and plate gasket (BUNA)

Pressure rating: 100 PSIG @ 1100F water service







Measuring 6” in diameter by a length of 20”, the FSI X01™ Filter Bag has 2 square feet of
surface area (0.186 squ are meters), making it equivalent to a Standard #1 size bag. The X01 is fitted with the patented Polyloc® ring which seals directly against the wall of the fil ter housing, thus eliminating the chance of by-pass. A heavy -duty polypropylene strainer basket supports the X01 . And the X01’s Polyloc ring sits directly against t he basket collar for additional support.


Available fil ter bag m od els include:

BPONG (polyprop yle ne), micro n ratings: 1, 5, 10 , 25 , 50 an d 100 .
BPMO (polypropyle ne mesh), micro n ratings: 100 , 150 , 200 , 300 , 600 and 800 .
BPOMF (polyprop yle ne microfiber), micro n ratings: 1, 2, 10 , 25 , 90 an d 0A.



The X20 Polyseal cartridge is a steep-pore gra- dient dept h fil ter, desig ned to accept a large dirt loading capacity. It measures 5.5” in diameter by a length of 23.25”, yielding a tot al cartridge volu me of 500 cubic inches. In lab tests, the X20 outp erforms standard 10” cartridges by holding 20 times more dirt.


The design of the X20 Polyseal Cartridge fea- tu res a single op en en d that directs fluid from out side the cartridge in through the fil ter. A built-in handle on the cartridge top assists in seating an d re moving the X20. The cartridge botto m is equipped with the patented Polyseal® en d fitt ing, ensuring a com plete seal without the need for double “O” rings or additional flat gaskets. The X20 fits securely into the cartridge plate an d requires no
springs or hold-down plates.



Available cartridge m od els includ e:
CMMF (polyprop yle ne microfiber), micro n ratings: 1, 5, 10 , 25 , 50 , 75 and 100 .





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