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Can your company benefit from a fluid filtration process that revolutionizes the

clarification of process fluids, extending fluid life and reducing waste volume?

With CentraSep, Absolute Filters Engineered Products applies innovative technology

(patents pending) to centrifugally separate solids from liquids in industrial

applications. With the maximized efficiency of centrifugal force, virtual

elimination of attended operation, and maintenance-free service, CentraSep

makes conventional filtration obsolete.


Maximum gravitational force of 2,000 G’s provides superior filtration, removing particles down to sub-micron range.

CentraSep reaches speeds generating as much

as 2,000 times the force of gravity. With such

high centrifugal force, CentraSep removes even

sub-micron particles (<.00004") from process

fluids. Traditional filtration systems, including

paper, cannot economically remove particles

smaller than ten to fifteen microns. Unlike

conventional filtration using disposable media,

CentraSep does not add volume to your

waste stream.

Extends the life of process fluid.

Removing particulate to a sub-micron range

by centrifugation results in cleaner fluid.

CentraSep extends fluid life without removing

the fats and oils essential to lubrication in

coolant applications. In rinse and pretreatment

applications, centrifugally clarified fluid

eliminates suspended solids and sludge,

resulting in cleaner parts and less carryover.

More efficient filtration makes your process

fluid more productive, reducing replacement

and disposal costs.

Reduces abrasion for longer tooling life.

CentraSep reduces the total concentration

of solids. Greater fluid clarification of

metalworking lubricants results in lower

friction between tool and work surface. This

prolongs tooling life and provides a superior

surface finish.

Designed for easy, automatic operation,

step after step and cycle after cycle.

CentraSep runs unattended, discharging

accumulated solids automatically. As a result of

advanced PLC programming (patents pending),

process performance is continuously selfmonitored.

CentraSep incorporates cutting

edge variable frequency drive technology that,

together with the PLC, automatically adjusts to

provide optimal performance and worry-free

operations. Touch screen controls make it easy

to program process parameters.

Solids are automatically discharged.

At the end of the cleaning cycle, CentraSep

discharges packed collected solids

automatically. CentraSep requires no filter

media or labor.

Minimum aeration means clean operation.

Filtered fluid is discharged at high velocity

through a tangential port (patent pending)

minimizing aeration, foaming, and splash back,

while the no-drip cabinet design keeps your

floor and solids receptacle dry.


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