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Cast Simplex Strainers (Series 105, 107, and 115)

Cast simplex strainers are used in applications where the flow can be interrupted for basket cleaning. These strainers are an excellent choice for protection of pumps, meters, valves, traps, spray nozzles, and many more applications.



High Quality Construction

  • Flanges designed and built to ANSI, British, and JIS specifications .
  • Material specifications in accordance to ASME and ASTM
  • Each strainer is proof pressure tested per ASME standards before shipment

Low Maintenance Costs

  • Quick-opening swing bolt reduces maintenance time
  • Few replacement parts are required

Low Installation Costs

  • In-line connections

Low Capital Investment

  • Competitively priced
  • Heavy-duty, large capacity baskets are designed for long life


Large Capacity Baskets 

  • Provides for a low pressure drop
  •  Provides for larger basket open area


Material Construction for a Variety of Applications

  • Available in cast iron, cast steel, and cast stainless steel to meet the demands of a wider range of applications
  • ASME Section VIII Division I "U" stamp available for cast steel and cast stainless steel



  • Baskets are availabl e in other materials , perforations, and 1nesl1es, please consult the factory or your local sales representative.
  • Drilling is availabl e, upon request, to meet BS4504 PN l O and PN I 6 and ns Flange Sizes.





  • Baskets are available in other materials, perforations, and meshes, pleas consult the factory or your local sales representative. ·

  • Drilling is available, upon request, to meet BS4504 PNlO and PN 16 and ns Flange Sizes.



Series 107 Simplex Strainer
Cast Steel and Cast 316 Stainless Steel Swing Bolt 0-Ring Closure, Flanged Connection
Class 150 ANSI Raised Face Flange Rating





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