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AmineHF Depthflo 10

Microfiberglass Filter Media

A pleated microfiberglass depth media element with nylon drainage layers. The “triple-phase” Amine HF Depthflo 10 filter media is designed specifically for long-chain- hydrocarbon and iron sulfide particulate, which can prematurely blind and shorten life of other cartridge filters.

Amine HF Depthflo Configuration

  •  Patent Pending Design
  •  Fewer Element Change-outs
  •  Lower Maintenance Costs
  •  Lower Disposal Costs
  •  Smaller Filter Vessels
  • Absolute Rated Efficiency
  •  99% at 10.0µm
  •  β(20)=5000

Pleated Cartridge

  •  100 ft2 Effective Filtration Area, nominal
  •  Nylon Drainage Layers on both sides of media

Available in various lengths, with some special and customs lengths upon request.



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